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Dispowear Products

Dispowear (Pvt) Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of Disposable Wear Products in Sri Lanka

Face Mask

Non woven, 3 ply, ear loop type

Face Mask

Non woven, 3 ply, tie on type

Shoe Cover

Non woven, elastic, anti slip

Surgical Gown

Non woven, optimal protection

Bouffant Caps

Non woven, double elastic type


Industrial Apron

Non woven, lamination type

IV Set/ Blood infusion set


Our company Dispowear Pvt Ltd undertakes the supply of Disposable products manufactured ideally suited for safe utilization by medical and industrial sectors. We cater to the relevant requirements of the medical and industrial institutions with in the public sector as well as the private sector where a high demand exist for our product name. Our factory situated at 775 Colombo Road, Batawala Junction, Hingula and registered office is located at 377 Galle Rd, Colombo 03. Our factory is equipped with modern machinery and equipment for the manufacture each of the product. The manufacturing process is handled by locally recruited labor force specifically trained for the process.

Regulatory Certificates
All product manufactured under Dispowear Pvt ltd are registered under the National Medicine Regulatory Authority (NMRA) after the fulfillment all specified rules and conditions. We are in possession of Products Licenses as well as Manufacturing Licenses issued in respect of each product issued by the NMRA. These certificate also confirm the quality assurance of our products to distributed within the local market

We undertake the delivery of the products to destinations indicated by the customers depending on the quantities requested as well as the distance. The finished products are stored for convenience of customer collection from Colombo stores located at 377 Galle Road, Colombo 03. We shall be pleased to undertake orders for the above products based on your requirement and also assure you an excellent service as and when required.


Non-Woven Surgical Hair Caps Specification

TYPE : Bouffant Caps
MATERIAL COLOUR : Blue (Light and Dark) and White Color
STYLE : Disposable Hair Dust Net Caps

Unisex design and universal size fits all
Economical yet effective headwear preventing releases of bacteria
Comfortable double string elastic cover full circumference of cap
Machine manufactured without manual handling
Packing in Box Board Type and then in carton Corrugated Box

Non-Woven Surgical Face Masks Specification

Material - Spunbond, Meltblown, Non-woven fabrics
Color - Blue (Light and Dark)
Type - Ear Loop (elastic ) and Tie On
Style - White Disposable Hair Dust Net Caps. 16.5cm, the longest stretch to 45cm
Packaging Details - 50pcs per box, 40boxes per carton

Non-Woven Disposable Shoe Cover Specification

We manufacture locally high quality and breathable shoe covers which will keep you from tracking mud, grease or grime where you walk, and also from slipping by rubber thread on the bottom for skid-resistance.

TYPE : Shoe Cover (Disposable)
MATERAIL COLOR : Blue and White Color
STYLE : Shoe Cover (Non Skid Sole with Rubber Thread
MATERIAL TYPE : Spun bond,Non-woven fabrics,100% Virgin Quality

Unisex design and universal size fits all
Economical yet effective footwear preventing releases of bacteria
Comfortable elastic cover full circumference of feet
Machine manufactured without manual handling
Packing in Poly packs Type and then in Master Poly Pack.

Medical, Dental, Cleanroom, Critical Environment, Food Handling/Production, Industrial Manufacturing, Construction and General Maintenance

Disposable Aprons (Industrial)

Material: Polypropylene Nonwoven and Polyethylene Films
Colour- white and blue
Size coverage - neck to knee coverage
Overall Length: 35-3/4 inches
Overall Width: 27 inches Style - ties at the back for a close.

Disposable Surgical Gown

Disposable Surgical Gown that is designed by our experts utilizing the finest grade fabric and other allied material. These gowns are used by doctors in hospitals, health care centers and nursing homes to avoid any kind of bacterial attack during the surgical process.

• Unique designs
• Exquisite patterns and textures
• Perfect finish and protective
• Skin-friendly

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